Hüdaverdi Yavuz

Avec Sinan Albayrak, Savas Bayindir, Sermin Hurmeric

Comédie turque
Année de production : 2010


Two friends originally from Izmir-E?refpa?a have settled in Istanbul… While Tayyar (Hüseyin Soysalan) has become a mafia leader based on his passion for power and ruling, Davut (Turgay Tanülkü) has been managing a café in his small neighbourhood. Both have loved the same woman, Madam Eleni (Sermin Hürmeriç). But she had to get married to Tayyar despite her love for Davut. She also had a daughter called Duygu (Deniz Özp?nar). However, Tayyar, knowing that Eleni’s heart belongs to Davut, leaves Eleni and his daughter alone. Tayyar, continuously looking for ways for revenge, finally finds it in convincing Nusret (Burak Tar?k), Davut’s adopted son, to choose his dirty way. Nusret, the tough-guy of the neighbourhood gets into a big dilemma since he couldn’t make a choice between his girl as well as the people he loves and money and power. While he’s stumbling between two worlds, a preacher (Sinan Taymin Albayrak) is appointed to the old mosque of the neighbourhood and the way things proceed starts changing.


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